Since December is just around the corner, you might be wondering or thinking up of some new styles and outfits to try out on those colder days. Worry not, you probably can work around with the clothing items you already own, but make sure you’ve got a few basic items to start out with. There are quite a few ways to make your casual winter outfits more interesting, rather than just throwing on a tired sweater and the jeans you wear basically every day. Below you have some styling tips & accessory suggestions that can give your outfits an update and make them stand out more.


For most men out there, winter time means forgetting all about colorful wardrobe items and just concentrating on the basic black, grey, white and sometimes navy blue. But really, that doesn’t need to be the case. Try and add a bit of fun to your outfits and search for jumpers/sweater that come in colors such as dark green, burgundy and mustard. Add your basic button down shirt underneath (tip: it can be either white or plaid, depending on how colorful you wish to go) to layer out the look. While it’s definitely not the type of outfits to wear to a nightclub, it’s perfect for day to day wear.

If you feel like you want to stick to the neutrals when it comes to your casual sweaters, opt for colored scarves, they will make your outfit stand out more and give it a stylish vibe.


A long, well-fitted winter coat is a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Even if you prefer street or casual wear on a daily basis, you need to have such a coat prepared for more formal events that ask for a certain level of elegance. And even so, this kind of coat can be dressed down as well! Try wearing a simple hoodie underneath it, along with your favorite jeans. This way the coat will frame your outfit a give it a more structured look, while you can still be quite comfortable.

That being said, you also need a statement leather jacket ready to rock this season. What makes those kind of jackets so great is their ability to look great with almost everything, so pairing it with a variety of jumpers, flannels, button downs and hoodies is no problem. You can also make it work with accessories, such as a simple watch.


When we say hat, we don’t mean the fedora. You might have a few wool hats to wear for winter but those usually itch like crazy, and maybe you want to search for a new one. This could be the best time to invest in a nice cashmere hat. While it may be a bit pricier, it’s quality and looks make up for it. The simpler, the better also search for colors such as black, grey or navy blue as those will make it versatile and you will be able to wear it with a variety of coats.


Besides the obvious reasons of not having your hands freezing in the winter, choosing a pair of quality gloves can greatly improve and outfit. They definitely shouldn’t look like the mittens you used to wear when you wear a kid to go and have snowballs fights outside, but for more casual wear you can stick with the classic wool gloves. While they are able to keep you warm, they’re not as great if they get wet.

However, you can always opt for a pair of leather gloves. Those are the kind of items that styled right, will instantly make you look more put together. Search for a pair with lining, as those will keep you even warmer. If you’re the kind of guy that own a variety of leather belts and shoes, make sure you get a pair of gloves that can fit each of those (meaning you should match black leather gloves with black belts and shoes; brown ones with brown leather shoes etc.)

And finally, invest in some great socks. Since the holidays are coming, you can treat yourself this time and buy a few pairs of cashmere socks that will not only keep your feet warm, but will look sharp and stylish with your outfits. Make it a little bit more fun by wearing striped or colored socks (they don’t have to be bright colors, burgundy and navy blue work just as well)

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