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You have the freedom to choose what you wish to wear on a daily basis, but the most basic rule of having a personal and beautiful style is knowing exactly what types of clothes work for your body and how they complement it. There are pieces for all shapes and sizes, so you are definitely bound to encounter some suggestions here that you might want to try out. With all of this being said, here are the maine body shapes and the types of clothings that work tor them (and which ones to avoid!)


In the simplest of words, the hourglass is the shape most women strive to have – and you’re quite lucky if you have it. This means you have well balanced bust and hips, and a very defined waist. In other words, when dressing up, you need to take into account that you should keep your proportions and your waist defined, as those are your best assets. Wide belts over oversized shirts or dresses, tops that are form fitting, wrap and bodycon dresses along with tailored blazers/coats and your best friends. You should avoid wearing baggy or oversized tops that will hide away your curves.


You have this shape if your hips are wider than your bust and your waist is very defined, and if the places where you gain weight first are your legs and bottom, followed by the rest of the body. Similar to the hourglass shape, you should definitely show off your waist with every occasion that you get. What you should do with your clothing is using it to add more volume to your upper body while also accentuating the curves of your hips so there will be a balance. This is best done with off shoulder tops and dresses, jackets and blazers with defined shoulders, deep v-necks and embelishments such as statement necklaces and big earrings. Avoid skirts and jeans that draw too much attention to your hips (such as embroidered jeans) and keep it simple and fitted, with darker colors.


Also dubbed ‘’the rectangle shape’’, it is said that this is the most common body type, with well balanced bust and hips but a not so well defined waist, your torso being the area where you gain weight the easiest. The key is to create to illusion of more curves, so you should try mixing and matching tops with wide shoulders, flowy materials, gathered waists with plaid, embellished, bubble skirts and jeans with wide waistbands. This body type lets you experiment a lot with fitted clothes and accessories. A-line skirts and clothes that have a drape-y look without much structure are to be avoided.


The inverted triangle has a defined, wide upper body which typically means broader shoulders and a big bust in comparison to a slim, narrow waist and hips. While your bottom may not be the center of attention, you can definitely count on your shapely legs and bust to show off. Opt for wrap style tops to create the illusion of narrowing the shoulders and deep v-necks to accentuate cleavage if you are comfortable with that. Feel free to play with different types of skirts, from a line to pleated and ballerina types, work what you think showcases your legs best. Don’t accentuate the upper part to much by wearing padded shoulders or embellished tops – keep it simple and elegant in that area.


As the name already suggests, this body type has broad hips, an underdefined waist (this being the area where you gain the most weight) and shapely lower legs. The key to dressing this body type is to create a waist and balancing out the upper and lower parts of your body. Strapless, of shoulder tops or the ones that wrap around your bust (and if they are belted, the better!) are your best friends. Pair them with straight, ankle length skirts (you can work with different types of skirts, as long as they allow to show your ankles) and dress pants for a well defined look. Stay away from tops that are too loose or too short and don’t complement your waist.


This body types is also called the oval shape as you might have come across the internet. The main characteristics are a large bust, narrow hips and a larger waist. Your bottom might be flatter, but your legs are usually long and slender and worth showcasing to the world. First, you should emphasize your bust with plunging necklines and A line dresses. The more attention you draw to that feature, the less noticeable your waist will be. Dresses that are fitted at the top and flowy at the bottom will also let you show off your legs. Avoid wide belts and patterns (or bright colors) around the waist area.

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