We all know how important bags are for us women. It’s an accessory that not only is useful on a daily basis, but it has the ability to make or break an outfit, so you need to be quite careful when choosing the right one. But no worries, as we have prepared a few examples of bags you should have ready to wear in your closet, depending on occasions and styling preferences:


This is the kind of bag you carry around everyday to either work/school or just running errands. It has to be big enough so you can fit in all of your stuff, but stylish enough so it can bring out even some of your most casual outfits. Black, beige or brown are great color choices for such bags, and in case you are looking for something with more personality, opt for one that has various embellishments, such as studs or pearls. Patches and pins can work just as well.


Clutches are the perfect choice for a night out, especially if you’re going to a club and you will need something to keep your phone and wallet safe. You can always invest in a statement clutch, be it with glitter, gold/silver detailing or rhinestones, or you can find one that is more simple and versatile, depending on your needs and tastes.

A great alternative to the clutch is the micro bag. It’s a huge trend going on, and those kinds of bags come into the most creative designs; if the idea of carrying a clutch in your hand doesn’t sounds too appealing to you, then a chic micro bag with a strap is going to be your savior.


Every fashionista needs to own at least one pretty shoulder bag. One of the most popular trends now are bags with unique straps. This could mean anything from multi-chain, patterned or even fur straps. This kind of bag is the one you should wear to top off some of your most stylish and interesting outfits. Perfect for events, going to brunch or even to work in case you’re not the type of girl that carries many items around with her. Now is the perfect time to be more bold when it comes to your choices in bags.


It’s almost mandatory to have a cute backpack in your closet; especially if you find it too bothersome to carry an oversized bag. If you want to up your streetstyle looks, search for an interesting backpack that will complement them. This is also the best choice if you’re a student, since it is the most practical and comfortable way to carry your notebooks around (and we all know how many of them there are).

A black leather bag is the go-to choice for many, but if you feel like you want it to look more unique, you can add pins/patches to it or even chains to it so it will have more personality. Besides, DIYs can be lots of fun and much less expensive!

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