When it comes to shoes every woman like trendy shoes and shies that are comfortable. This is because the type of shoes you put on talk a lot about you. And it is also a way of building confidence within yourself when you wear very nice shoes. A wise woman once said, ‘give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world’. Shoes are important to any outfit, and every woman knows that to feel like you’re in control, you have to dress like you’re in control. We narrowed it down to the essentials and absolute must-haves for the working class woman. Of course, you can have as many shoes as you desire. There’s no such thing as too many shoes. Even if you don’t do so many things, you might have to attend professional meetings, and this would come in handy to give you that ‘boss chic’ look. We are going to consider different types of shoes that one can wear on official basis that are stylish and fashionable even at the work place.


These are elegant, and will instantly add class to your look. The best part is black works with any color, so, on those days you’re almost late to an important meeting, you don’t have to worry about your shoes matching your outfit. They can either be low heels or high heels and one can choose the one you want depending on the comfort ability that you want.


A kitten heel is a short, slender heel, usually from three centimeters to four centimeters high, with a slight curve setting the heel in from the back edge of the shoe. If you’re really not into flat shoes, you can go for kitten heels instead. They’ll give you the perfect boost while still maintaining the comfort you need. They come with different colors and one can consider blending them with an official trouser of any color or even the same color with the heels in order to bring out an elegant look in the work place.


They are flat shoes normally the are lace less and usually worn when one want to be comfortable and stable due to their elastic nature They are an alternative to ballet flats, for those days you don’t feel like wearing heels, but still want to maintain a professional chic look. This shoes like any other shoes they come with different color and therefore one has a variety to choose from when purchasing this type of shoes. These shoes are very advantageous because they are simple, fashionable and durable.

Basic Loafers

Basic equipment for all working women of this century. What you? Have you already had them? If no, do not wait and enjoy a comfortable a good looking shoes.


The most essential type of shoes that each and every lady who is working and have a lot of errands to run should have. The shoes are very simple and also they are very light there easing movements and also making one feel comfortable while on them. The shoes are very easy to maintain since they does not require a lot of attention. They come with very attracting colors which are eye catching and stunning. Other than this shoes being trendy they are cost effective therefore considering the power of your pocket.


A wedge heel can give an outfit a more polished look without actually having to wear excruciating heels. Wedges are far more comfortable to wear, especially a lower wedge. Wedges are more comfortable compared to the normal high heel which becomes more uncomfortable when worn for a long time. This shoes provide a much stronger stability. They are very simple and can be worn with almost every official outfit. They are also cost effective.


These are a classic style that work well for a more formal event, such as a wedding or for business attire. Court shoes generally have a low line upper, which means that the top line of the shoe sits quite low down on the foot, they have medium height heel and a pointed toe. These heels provided a very good comfort since the heels are not that high hence can be worn for a day with any distress these shoe have a variety interms of color and fabrics therefore one con chose the taste that one feels is the best and the type that will make her presentable.

There are also other many types of shoes that you as a working class can try on which we may not be able to discuss all of them. Some of them are; women boots, brogues and the ankle boots. One thing to always note is that each and every shoes has a best outfit that which it can fit on therefore when wearing any shoes ensure that its blending very nicely with the outfit worn.

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