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Just because something is popular, it does not mean in any way that it’s good or that you should try it out because everyone else is, even if deep down you feel like that wouldn’t suit your true style. That is perfectly okay, unfortunately social media seems to be taking those trends to the extreme, and shoving them down people’s throats to the point where you feel weird for not liking some of them. I am here to give you some suggestion on which ones of those trends are best to be avoided, and how to style those pieces a little bit differently. Keep in mind, this is just advice, by no means you have to change what you are wearing if that is what you truly like and enjoy wearing.


Starting off with the most controversial one here, let me say that I am not suggesting you should stop wearing glam make-up altogether, but rather to tone it down a bit. While make-up artists have to present those kinds of looks as often as they can, you don’t have to. Keep the extreme contouring, eyeshadows and defined brows for special events and parties, not for a day to day look. Instead, for your daily make-up, opt for a more dewy, fresh face. Use highlighter, lip balms and nude colors on the eyes and lips. Draw your eyebrows in a way that looks natural, even a but messy, to mimic that runway model look.


Not referring to distressed clothing such as jeans with a few rips and holes on them, but to items which has too many and too large holes to the point where they become impractical and look weird. If the jeans you are wearing have more holes than fabric on the front side and if the jumper you were looking at had so many rips to the point where you get a cold just by thinking of wearing it during the winter, then you may want to reconsider if you want to make them a part of your wardrobe. There are many other styles of jeans and jumpers that look just as cool and will also do their job and keep you warm.


There is no doubt that fishnets can look quite sexy, if they are worn the right way. But unfortunately, in the past years people have starting wearing them underneath ripped jeans, paired with sneakers, or underneath almost every kind of dress/skirt that there is. Before you put on such a pair of stockings, do a little bit of research first to see how they are made to be worn. It can be a really difficult look to pull off for school or work, so you might want to start off with something more subtle, and get a pair or fishnet socks to pair it with some regular jeans and loafers or heels for a more sophisticated look.


I have no idea what has been happening lately, but I’ve seen pom poms attached to everything from sneakers, sandals, jeans, phone cases to jumpers and bags. While it may look cute on a beanie, having a bunch of multicolored pom poms on your items might not be a sight to see. Try to avoid the ones that are extremely big – such as the iphone cases can barely be held because of the fur.


There are quite a number of reasons why those kinds of shoes are so controversial and why so many people choose to insult them. Firstly, they are impractical and a little bit too pretentions for everyday wear – they could maybe work for an event where you want to stand out a lot, but otherwise they will just be a burden to wear in this messy weather. Secondly, you could say that sacrifices have to be made for fashion and aesthetics, but those slippers have just a weird look to them, like you are stepping on some poor little animal and nobody wants to imagine that. Opt for mules and slip-ons with other details on them just as belts and other embellishments.

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