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Whether you are a jeans everyday type of girl, or if you work at an office job that requires you wear skirts or dress pants on a daily basis, it’s a basic rule for a woman to have at least one skirt in her wardrobe. You never know when you might have to go to a special event, or a date, or maybe you just want to feel a little bit fancier on a specific day and the right skirt can definitely be a life saver when it comes to those situations. Here are a few suggestions on types of skirts and how/when to wear them to make a lasting impression:


Pleated skirts are adorable, and they can look good on every body type, depending on the length. Pair the long ones with ankle boots, a loose warm jumper and a chic hat for an effortless stylish look. To make it a bit fancier, search for metallic, gold or glittery skirts as that needs to be the highlight of your outfit. As for the shorter skirts, it is recommended to wear them with knee socks or over-the-knee boots to draw attention to your legs. While this might a little too much for class, you can definitely rock this look out for brunch or even drinks in the evening.


Leather is never going to be out of fashion, so owning a leather skirt is totally worth it as it is basically a timeless piece. Depending on your tastes and what you consider to be more versatile and right for your body, you can opt for a pencil/figure hugging skirt or a looser, flowy type. You can make them work with pumps and other types of heels for an elegant touch, or combat boots/sneakers for more punk/streetstyle approach.


Midi skirts are chic and your safest bet when you want to look classy but without crossing the “showing too much skin” line. They’re perfect for a work meeting, a brunch or other official events that require you to be a little bit more dressy. They complement well most body types, and depending on the fabric and color, you can style one in each season, with the right pair of shoes and top.


In the last years, the outfits that have been presented on social media seemed to have one thing in common: an element inspired from the 90s and styled in such a way to match today’s trends. Skirts are no exception, as denim skirts are making a great comeback. Pair them with a plain/graphic t-shirt, a vintage belt and some sneakers and you’ve got yourself the perfect casual look. In case you are looking for a skirt that has a little more personality, try out the distressed denim ones or button up skirts with pockets.


A knee-length pencil skirt is ideal to wear to an office job where you have a strict dress code. While they may not be the most comfortable to wear, they make your outfit look classy and put-together, accentuating the curves on your body at the same time. Even if you don’t have a dress code at work, it’s always good to have a basic pencil skirt prepared in your wardrobe for business meetings or interviews. Tip: opt for a more basic pencil skirt rather than a peplum one. They are not necessarily the most flattering and it is a struggle to style them properly, especially if you don’t enjoy incorporating skirts into your outfits.

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