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It goes without saying that each and every one of us needs to have at least one pair of flattering jeans in our wardrobes. But with so many designs, cuts, and colors it’s impossible to stop at just a few pairs, and we might also get confused on what is the best way to wear each of them. Worry not, for we have prepared a little guide on different types of jeans and what they look best styled with (also which body types they flatter the most) so you can take up some inspiration and create some new outfit combinations.


Skinny jeans were everything in the last few years, especially to women. Most of us couldn’t comprehend how it was possible to wear flared jeans in the past. However, fashion means constant recycling so skinny jeans are gradually losing the spotlight. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to throw away all the skinnies you’ve bought so far. There are quite a few ways to style them and make the outfit as chic as possible.

First of all, it’s the perfect opportunity to wear them with oversized sweaters or hoodies. While you might want to feel cozy and all wrapped up, they will help your outfit look more structured and maintain the shape of your body.


Possibly the trendiest types of jeans at the moment, they’re perfect to combine with a pair of unique combat boots. If you’re not the type to wear distressed denim that much but would still like your jeans to have an interesting detail to them, then these can be a great choice. You can highlight your favorite fall/winter footwear while also looking very cool. Don’t be afraid to play with some color and add some fun socks into the match – they’ll keep your ankles warm as well if we’re at it.


While they may have become popular only a few years back, it’s safe to say that they are now a staple in most women’s wardrobes. And for good reason, they are comfortable and give off that effortlessly cool vibe. Now while the weather is getting colder and you’re thinking of putting away your favorite pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, you should reconsider. Depending on your tastes, add a pair of opaque tights underneath – the safest way to go is with black tights. But you can also add a pop of color to your outfit and make it much more fun with a pair of bright colored tights, such as yellow, red or orange.

Boyfriend jeans look best styled with elements that come in contrast with them – such as a fitted top, and a pair great pumps. This way, the boyish look of the jeans will combine perfectly with the feminine details. Don’t be shy to add accessories as well, such as an embellished belt or bracelets.


We all love classic denim. However, especially now since the holiday season is quickly approaching, we should start searching for a pair of jeans that is a bit more playful and unique, and maybe even wear them to a few parties. Embellished jeans are trending again, but this time we see them with details such as pearls, tiny bows or even tiny rhinestones. It’s a great approach that can take your outfits to the next level, and make them have a more festive feel to them.


This is a rather new approach that has been seen on runways since 2016, and it seems like two toned denim isn’t going anywhere as more and more influencers are being spotted trying it out. It’s something fresh and interesting, and there are quite a few designs ready for you to try them out. You can wear this type of jeans with a cool, graphic tee, your favorite oversized jumper, pretty much anything casual and comfy.

To make the look a little bit more glamorous, take some inspiration from supermodels and pair those jeans with some cool ankle booties, or a pair of mules. Feel free to play with designs and colors, as your footwear should be highlighted too.


Although some might think that mom jeans are not the most flattering ones out there and would rather stay away from them, they are actually quite stylish and can look amazing paired with the right items. They look just as good with both oversized and fitted tops, but if you wish to highlight your waist properly and create some contrast, then try wearing them with a turtleneck jumper. As for accessories, search for a wide belt that can tie in the look together and give it cool, vintage vibe.

When it comes to shoes, mom jeans can be styled with pretty much anything from sneakers, pumps, to combat or ankle boots. It all depend on the style you’re trying to sport.

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