What better time to start wearing a scarf than now? The rainy and chilly weather may be bothersome for some of us, but it gives us a great reason to search for some new, adorable scarves or think up of new ways to wear the ones we already have. Below you have a list of the most popular types of scarves at the moment and ways to add them you’re your daily outfits; it’s always good to take it up a notch.


Warm, oversized scarves are all the rage. They’re perfect because while it may not be cold enough to start wearing warm jumpers and winter coats, you can add one over your jacket and you’re good to go, without worrying you’re going to freeze. Wrap them around your neck or simply throw them on top of you outfit; a great tip is to add a belt over to tie the scarf in, keeping you warmer and also emphasizing the waist at the same time. It’s a good way to add more structure to an outfit that might look a bit loose.


Usually when someone mentions ‘’silk scarf”, a Parisian look automatically comes to mind. And it’s true, the most chic way to wear this type of scarf is to tie it around your neck, paired with an off shoulder top or a simple button shirt. Keep in mind that if it has many colors or patterns, the top you wear it with should be as plain as it gets; you don’t want to have too many details only in the upper part of your body. Also, it’s best to not wear a beret in this combination as you want to avoid the stereotypical French look. Only one detail is enough.


Knitted scarves look great on both men and women. These are the best ones to wear on colder days, guaranteed to keep you as warm as possible. Wrap the very big ones around your coat and tie your hair up in a ponytail or in a bun to balance out the look and draw more attention to your accessories. This same tip goes for the infinity knitted scarves, they’re a bit easier to wear as they already got a shape.


For the lazy days when you don’t feel like putting too much effort into styling, the poncho might be just what you need. It can fit over almost every top, and it doesn’t require any effort into making it fit to an outfit as you can just wear it with jeans and long/ankle boots and will still look good. Opt for a monochrome one rather than one with many colors and patterns – simple ones give you more freedom to pair them with a multitude of accessories such as earrings and bracelets.


Another classy scarf to add to your wardrobe! (depending on your tastes, but it’s recommended to go for faux fur rather than real fur to avoid any controversy) Those types of scarves look best with fancier outfits, such as long winter coats and delicate shirts, or worn over long, classy dresses. Today you can find them in a wide variety of colors, so take your time and choose one that will best suit the items that you already own.


Plaid will likely never go completely out of style, so it’s safe to assume that you can add such a scarf to your collection anytime you wish. Those ones are perfect for autumn days and casual outfits, that you usually wear to work or class. Just make sure to pair it with a basic top or jumper; as mentioned above, you need to balance out your outfits and it’s not a good idea to mix prints this way.

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