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When it comes to shoes, it feels like are never enough of them. You might already own 5 pairs of pumps, but you stumble upon a new pair that is a totally different color or pattern that the ones you have already so it only seems logical to buy it, right? By all means if you strive to have a huge shoe collection, go ahead. But if you’re living on a budget and have to be careful about which pair you need to invest in, then here the top 5 types of shoes every fashionista needs:


This one is a no-brainer as nothing can make an outfit more feminine than a pair of stilettos. While they might not be the easiest to walk in on the most comfortable, they are definitely a must in your wardrobe. Opt for a black pair as it can be worn with various outfits and dresses and they’re much easier to style. If you feel like black is not your thing, search for nude or red/burgundy ones as those can versatile as well.


Besides the ones that you strictly only use for the gym, search for some sneakers such as a pair of Adidas All Stars or Vans for the days you just want to pull of casual and comfortable outfit. The great part is that you can pair those kinds of sneakers with sportswear, cullotes, jeans of any kind and even casual skirts or dresses. So it’s best to get a pair that you know is good quality and will last you a longer time.


While you may not call yourself as a combat boots kind of gal, it’s good to have at least one pair of those sitting around just in case. There are many ways to style them, especially now since you can find some many different approaches and designs, from embellished ones, buckled up ones and so on. They go great with almost everything and can be worn in every season (except maybe from summer, but even that can be worked out somehow).


I’ve decided to put those into the same category as they can mostly be styles with the same kind of outfits, and they’re meant for warmer days. If you’re looking to be comfortable but chic at the same time, opt for a pair of mules or square heeled sandals – they’ll be much easier to move in than your regular pair of stilettos, and they’ll still look classy. Even if you don’t usually go to formal events, it’s useful to have a pair of more elegant shoes around than frantically searching for a pair last minute.


Presumably the most popular type of shoes at the moment, ankle booties are stylish and easy to wear. Whether you prefer flat or heeled ones, leather, metallic or velvet, there’s for sure one pair that will fit your needs. Take into account which ones you could wear to multiple events as you are searching for a more versatile pair. If you live in a warmer climate, cutout boots are a great solution, but they’re not much help in cold weather.

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