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Every man feels comfortable with a jacket especially during the cold seasons but you notice that not all jacket are fashionable or you find that the jacket worn does not blend very nicely with the other clothes worn. We are going to look at different types of jackets that are on the trend and on fashion.

Remember that all jackets are fashionable but it all depends on how u wear the jacket for instance not all baggy and oversize jacket look fashionable and trendy. Therefore in this article we will consider all that and look at accessory plus the supplementary clothes that should be worn with different types jacket and after reading this article I bet you me that u will rock in the city every time u wear jacket.


This are the best and trendier jacket to wear during winter. This is because not only they give you warmth but also the look stylish. This jacket come with different colors and can blend well when worn with jeans trousers either skinny, raggy or regular jeans. Most puffer jacket can be worn with a t shirt or a pull neck to ensure that you are on point to fissionability. Also, be sensitive of the color of the jacket ensure the color of the jacket blend well with the other clothes worn. For the gents, the most preferred jacket colors are black and blue. They looks more stylish and also due their dull color they are able to blend very well with jeans and a brighter t shirt. Another advantage is that their dull color helps them to absorb the available heat hence make you more worm during the winter seasons.

Puffer jacket

Stay warm throughout the year but keep stay trendy. This pink puffer jacket will help you. Plus, it’s packable, so you can take it with you anywhere.


This is another type of jacket that is more trendy and fashionable. This jacket can be worn on official bases and also can be worn on non-casual events. The advantage of this jacket is that its more light compared to the puffer jacket. This jacket is simple but its more trendy hence desired by many people since ts not bulky as compared to compared to other jacket which becomes more tiresome to carry especially when the temperature rises. This jacket are of different types like we have the varsity jacket which are popular among the university and colleges students. This jacket can be worn with the zip closed or not. In both ways one looks fashionable. Note that one may consider opening the zipper if he have worn a very nice t shirt to create attention also to the t-shirt. Fitting bomber jackets are most preferred i.e. above the belt. The belt worn should be more sexy and of high quality to rhyme well with the jacket.


Another type of jacket are the trucker jacket which are also looks smart and sexy when warn. For those who don’t know, the trucker jacket is a type of button-front jacket that features double breast pockets. The style is typically short and fitted and often made of blue denim. However, other versions are also available, including suede styles, shearling-trimmed designs and options in different colors, such as brown and black. Overall, the trucker jacket is a timeless design that is perfect for the weekend and also suitable going for dates. This jackets go well with a t-shirt and any khaki pants.


A blouson jacket is a waist-length, zippered, solid-colour jacket. The style features fitted or elastic cuffs and waistband, which cause the material to gather and “blouse” over the wrists and waist. As such, the style is similar to a bomber jacket. However, it is typically more tailored and often finished with a classic collar, which makes it appear somewhat smarter. The outfit of this jacket can blend well as those of the bomber jacket. This jacket is also light and also very trendy.


A peacoat is a short-length coat that features broad lapels and a double-breasted front. The outerwear style is traditionally made from heavy wool in a navy colour and often features large buttons and vertical or diagonal pockets. The garment was originally worn by sailors, but now makes a smart choice for all types of men. Its more often worn during the winter seasons and it looks more stylish.


This stylish jacket are very much accepted by very many guys and is also very stylish. A hooded jacket is a must-have for every man. Not only will the outerwear option help keep your face and hair dry in the rain, but it’ll look fashionably casual while doing so. All you need to do is choose your favorite hooded style. The hoods comes with different colors and one can buy of any different color since every hood color rocks regardless whether it a bright color or a dull color. The hoods can be zipped or unzipped depending on the taste you prefer but always remember that when wearing an unzipped hood (open) consider the t- shirt you are wearing it must be smart and fitting. Hoodies can be worn under a jacket or a coat to provide an extra layer during the winter seasons. One looks stylish and also the body is kept warm.

All this jacket are stylish but one before wearing a jacket you have to ask yourself the following questions. Is the jacket fashionable? Is the jacket meeting my needs? Is the jacket fitting me? Remember also that there are also other over size jacket that looks more trendy and fashionable such as the trench coat which basically worn on winter seasons and if worn on any other seasons one may look naïve. Put always in mind that different jacket are of different seasons and are of different occasions. Therefore be wise when choosing the jacket to wear.

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