When we talk of fashion we must consider each and every type of clothing no matter how small it might look. Fashion is all about creativity and ideas. With that insight let talk about the striped pants, they are pants that have strips running from the top to bottom. They are very simple but stylish. The stripes can be of different colors as we shall discuss.

The most common type of pants is the three and the two side striped pants these pants are very cool and simple and mostly are worn when working out or doing an activities that involves much movement. They are normally worn with striped white sneakers to ensure that they are blending very nicely. These pants does not require very much accessories since they require one to look simple and trendy.

Striped pants

Experiment with your wardrobe and give it a new breath. Forget about regular jeans. Everyone can wear it! But what about striped trousers? Do not be afraid, try and inspire yourself.

Other striped pants are the general striped pants. They are simple but very fashionable any lady can fit well in these striped pants they can be worn for both casual and non-casual occasions hence suitable for every event. When blended well with other outfits, striped pants bring out the very best and the most fashionable style of clothing. The good thing with these pants is that they are cost friendly and you do not have to have a lot of money in order to be fashionable. All you require is to ensure you put on the right accessories and ensure that they match with the top put on. When you consider all that I assure you that you will be rocking in the city and on the streets.

Let’s now consider different ways in which you can rock with striped pants, styles that will make you feel confident of yourself and believe in fashion at all costs. First striped pants can be worn with a crop top. A crop top brings out a very nice outlook and one look sexy and smart. The crop top may be of any color provided that it is blending well with the stripe pant worn. Grazing earrings can work best with this outfit and they are most appealing and will bring out the smartness in a lady.

Another way to rock with a striped pant is by fitting it with an off shoulder top. To be specific the best outfit comes when both the top and the pants are matching in terms of color. Baker hat boy may acts as a very nice accessory when blended together with this outfit.

When it comes to colors one can decide to put on a bright colored top with the striped pant. The bright color ensure that one does not look that dull and also maintaining fissionability.

A graphic t-shirt and a striped pants also blends well with each other. One looks very classic and very presentable with the outfit. Accessories such as the matrix sun glasses and a wrist watch may also match well with the outfit. Always ensure that the t-shirt and the pants are not much far apart in terms of color in order to maintain the classiness. Another accessories that can blend well with the outfit is the neck scarf and a coat or a jacket. The two accessories are best suited during the cold seasons. When it comes to shoes this outfit blend well with high heels shoes but at some point it can also blend well with flat shoes. But always not that not all shoes can match well with this striped pants therefore be careful when choosing which shoes to wear ,when it comes to fashion each and every single thing matter alot no matter how small it might look.

Another striped pant to consider is the multi colored stripe pants. Colorful striped pants are not hard to style. Easy, just pick a color from your pants’ color combination, to match your top with them. And enjoy a different look every time you go out.

Matching the striped pant with a striped top can also bring out the best. They don’t have to match each other. They can be of different perspective, different colors, and even different sizes.

Floral tops can also blend will with the striped pant they act as a way to show feminism in fashion these floral tops work well when blended with a black and white striped pant. A hand bag in this case can act as a very good accessories.

Last but not least one can decide to match the striped pants with a denim crop top or a denim shirt depending on your preference to bring out a very nice and classy outlook.

In conclusion striped pants really works best when worn with proper tops that are blending nicely with the pants. Also ensure that you put on the right accessories that will make you look gorgeous and stunning and considering all that you will find yourself always rocking in fashion.

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