December is here, meaning that it’s time to go all out with our best winter time outfits and accessories. Although you might miss the warmer days and the flowy dresses, putting together an outfit for a snowy day can be just as much fun. Especially now, as holidays are around the corner and there is a huge variety of adorable accessories ready to be styled in the most chic, party ready outfits you can imagine. Whether you’re preparing your day to day look or thinking of a Christmas/New Year’s party appropriate attire, here are some tips on how to style this season’s most important accessories:


There aren’t many things cuter than an oversized, fluffy scarf. Besides keeping you as warm as possible, it can be a fun touch of color to your outfit, in case you were feeling that it looks a bit gloomy. One of the hottest trends at the moment are two toned, faux fur scarves in beautiful colors such as burgundy and beige, white, moss green and grey. Those, added to a long simple coat can create a very elegant combination.

Or in case you’re searching for something a bit more casual and fun, then patterned or monochrome oversized scarves are your new best friend. They go well with most types of jackets and coats, and you wear them indoors as well as a poncho.


It’s the perfect time to wear as much glitter as you want not feel remotely guilty about it! For nights out or holiday parties, you can opt for glittery tops and dresses. If you’re feeling bold and want to experiment more, you can even go with a bomber jacket that has glitter detailing or sequins. Since there aren’t many occasions where you can wear one, this time of the year is perfect to try it out.

Another detailing aspect that is very popular at the moment are rhinestones and faux pearls. You see them attached to everything – berets, jeans, jumpers. Make sure that if you’re choosing an item that has this kind of detailing, you make it the focal point of the outfit and keep the rest simple and clean. You don’t want to go overboard on accessorizing and ending up looking like the Christmas tree itself. Small details go a long way.


If you thought brooches are no longer a thing and there’s no way to make them look fresh and chic, you might want to reconsider. Search for some fun, winter themed brooches such as those shaped like reindeers or Christmas trees, and add them to your coat, blazer, or jumper. While they’re not exactly fit for a night out, you can make them work easily with casual and cozy outfits, and wear them for the family gathering during the holidays.

Pins are the more casual alternative to brooches, and you can personalize your winter hats or backpacks with them, to add a little bit more fun to your look.


Hats, and head accessories in general, are the It accessory this season. Want to add a girly and romantic vibe to your outfit? Add a beret, you can go for an embellished one for a more stylish effect. Or you can go with warm wool hats for your everyday outfits. They’re comfortable and will definitely keep you warm! A pom-pom is okay for this type of hats, kust don’t go too overboard with them as it will end up looking tacky.


Yes, yes. Some time ago, wearing sunglasses during winter used to be a major faux pas, as it’s obvious to everybody that they’re not as useful when the sun isn’t shining as bright and the days are shorter. However, besides them being an accessory that remains fashionable all year long, they can be just as useful during winter. The UV rays are able to do much more damage to your eyes during winter, especially if they’re reflected on the snow. They’re also a great (and stylish!) way to protect your contact lenses in case you’re wearing any.

As for what kind of sunglasses is best to wear this season, search for pairs with grey, mirrored or black lenses. And as for frames, those should be sporting darker/neutral tones as well. Grey and transparent frames could also work great, or in case you’re looking for something a bit more unisex, wood patterned frames can work just as well. Make sure they’re good quality so they won’t cause any additional damage to your eyes.


A pair of elegant, warm gloves is vital for every fashionista out there. Depending on your preferences, opt for either real leather or faux leather with lining. Granted, they might be a bit pricier than the standard wool gloves, but they’re worth it as they will last you longer and can be worn with a wide variety of outfits. Besides, there are so many new designs to choose from! From beige, nude pink, burgundy and grey with different details such as faux pearls, studs or rhinestones, it’s impossible not to find a statement pair of gloves that will tie in your winter attire.

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