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Feeling disppointed because you’re bored of wearing jeans everyday but would still like to find some cool pairs of pants to wear during winter? No worries, you aren’t doomed to limit yourself on wearing jeans or skirts everyday. The fashion industry is surprrising us again with new pant trends that are not only comfortable, but extremely chic at the same time! Some other great news are, if you’re a big fan of retro cuts and styles, they’re coming back in style. You can take the suggestions below as some inspiration on what to wear to a Christmas or New Years Eve party. Something different and fun is always welcomed, especially during the holidays!


Leather pants (or leggings) are coming back in style, and they’re as cool as ever. There is a new approach to them going around, as you can find pairs of leather pants decorated with studs, sequins, or even zippers. Pair them with an oversized jumper or a cool graphic tee for a biker chic look. Boots of almost any kind can work with this type of pants, depending on what style you want to try out, so don’t be afraid to experiment!


Those are the kind of pants you would love to try out if you’re going to a formal event or a party. They come in quite of variety of colors and patterns, so it’s quite easy to find a pair to suit your personal taste. Palazzo pants are worn typically in the evening, their distinctive features being the high waist and the dramatic flared bottom. Paired together with a body suit or a fitted crop top along with a wide belt will definitely create a killer outfit. Make the top as simple as possible – you want the bottom to stand out. And if you want that littleextra detail to make the outfit more glam, then search for a statement belt with a wide buckle.


Everybody know the classic disco pants – they’re fitted at the top, but wide at the ankles. And the shinier and more dramatic, the better. There are lots of new designs to choose from – with glitter, sequins, zippers or even made of velvet! Velvet is very popular at the moment, so it’s a good idea to add an element made out of this texture to your looks.
The best way to style those pants is by combining them with platforms. Boots cam work well too, as look as they will make you tall enough so that you won’t drag the pants on the floor. The point is to make them easy to dance in and comfortable.


Metallic pants are a way of transforming a casual outfit into a bolg, chic one. They go well paired with a variety of blouses and button up shirts, especially if they are white and have that delica touch to them. The boldness of the pants will come in contrast and make the outfit look very unique. Besides, this could be a great idea on what to wear to an office Christmas party – it’s fun, yet appropriate at the same time and you will surely attract some looks.


The clean cut of the classic pant can be a lifesaver when you want your outfit to look professional and put together. If you feel like your outfit will look s bit too bland with them, don’t be afrais to add accessories such as a skinny belt or a pair of embellished ankle boots to brighten up the look. Also, to make the outfit look a bit bolder, stay away from colors such as gray or beige. Instead, search for a pair of flattering white or red pants. They’re still appropriate to wear to work or a meeting, and they have the advantage of looking more lively and fashionable.

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