Ever since last year, head accessories have started to appear more and more in all of the biggest fashion shows. If you thought that hair clips and headbands are suitable only for little girls, designers and brands are showing us that is not the case anymore. And if you’re looking to try out something new and add a little spice to your fall outfits, here are some of the trendiest types of head accessories and ways you can sport them. There is one suitable for any type of event or day, so you’re free to have all the fun you want.


An aspect that will surely add even more effect to a sleek, elegant ponytail is a cuff holder. If you feel like your work outfit is a bit too boring and it needs a classy details, opt for such an accessory. Besides the fact that it hides the elastic, it completes the look without being too flashy, so you can wear it on all kinds of occasions, from meetings to festivals or dates.


Headbands are becoming more and more popular, and while you see them around much more during summer and spring, the trend is slowly transitioning and adapting to colder seasons as well. The newest takes on this piece are velvet, glittery and embellished turban-style headbands. You can find them in beautiful shades of burgundy, silver, white, baby pink or even navy blue, and they’re perfect especially for a night out or an event where you can play with accessories and create a chic look. And there is also one huge advantage to those headbands – on days when you feel like you’re hair’s just not staying right or you don’t have enough time to style it, they can be a lifesaver.


Most of us own the typical, black bobby pins and we only use them in case we need to secure a hair bun. However, there are loads of beautiful alternatives to those pins that are make for great accessories. Sparkly details such as glitter, small rhinestones and different designs are surely going to make an impact, and it will be a more original look.

In case you don’t typically use bobby pins and you’d like a bigger, more prominent head accessory, I’d recommend searching for an embellished hairclip. They come in various shapes, and the most popular at the moment are circular clips. This way you will have your hair secured and looking great at the same time!


As it has been presented on the shows of collections such as Fenty x Puma, sportbands can also look very cool. If you want to take your more casual, sporty outfits to the next level, add one of those bands. Make sure the color complements your outfit well, and don’t make the mistake of adding similar wristbands. Remember, less is more.

And finally, if you are searching for something more subtle but still effective, add a thin elastic. This kind of accessory will look best with straightened, sleek hair as it will draw more attention and add structure.

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