Hats are amazing accessories that work all year round basically. You just need to do a little research and see which types would suit your outfits best, because let’s face it, sometimes they can be really tricky to style. But worn correctly, they might just be the details that will make your outfit shine – and I’m here with some suggestion what how to wear different types of hats for this season.


It’s no doubt that baseball caps are really popular now. Not just the classic ones, but personalized embroidered caps and leather ones too. So you can say they’re pretty easy to style, which is true. Always make sure to wear them with a casual or street style inspired outfit. Oversized hoodies and t-shirts and bomber jackets are the way to go with those kinds of hats. There have been lots of people sporting the baseball cap – sporty hoodie – heeled over the knee boots look, and it does look good. But be very careful when choosing your items.


Now those kind of hats, especially the floppy brimmed ones, can be absolutely gorgeous. Pair them for this fall with a long buttoned coat, plaid skirts and fitted shirts (maybe even a simple, oversized scarf) and you’re got yourself a very romantic look. Maybe not recommended for going to class, but it’s a perfect look for brunch or even a date. If you want the hat to be the central piece of your outfit, search for ones that have details such as a wider belt and and small elegant chains attached to it, to make it stand out even more.


They’re chic and everyone knows this. You have a lot of freedom in styling one, as long as you make sure you outfit is not geared too much toward the casual look. They work with dresses, skirts and skinny jeans just as well, but for colder weather you might want to pair them with a long elegant coat or a chic suit for more formal events. Avoid striped tops, because you risk of having your outfit scream ‘’french’’. Let the beret be the only accessory giving that vibe so it’s subtle but tasteful.


Gaining more and more popularity in the last years, this hat is a bit trickier to style – not as casual as a baseball cap but definitely not as elegant as the beret. Your best bet would be wearing it with a variety of jackets, from studded leather ones to denim jackets or a coat that has a masculine vibe to it. They can definitely make an outfit more stylish, add a bold red lipstick and you are bound to draw some eyes to you.


Beanies, probably a favorite of the college students. No wonder, they look cool and can keep you quite warm. And besides, maybe you have a bad hair day, you’re rushing to class and have no time to style it – throw on a beanie and you’re set. They go best with leather and denim jackets, plaid shirts and jeans. If you’re going for a cuter look rather than a laid back one, then opt for a pastel colored beanie with a pom pom added to it. They’re mostly good for winter, but depending on where you live you can wear them just as much wearing fall too.

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