Once known for its incredible intricate and unpractical shoes, the street style of fashion week has finally turned casual. While you can still see a strappy stiletto or two storming the streets, most of the influencers are opting for more comfortable options. The Spring 2018 season saw glitter and pastel shoes coming for the warmer weather, but what about the trends we can apply now? The street style gurus brought an onslaught of shoe selections, but three particular styles seemed to repeat themselves: the chic slipper, the pointed slingback, and the embellished white sneaker.

The white sneaker has been a classic in the fashion field since pretty much the dawn of time, or at least since the sneaker was invented. Keds, Converse, Vans, and most recently the Adidas Superstar, have all come and gone as the sneaker supreme, some even having their time twice. However as these sneakers remain the same, brands have been putting out their own spin on white sneaker and it seems to be sticking.

Embroidery, embellishment, lettering, and the like have all been used to spruce up the sneaker. Gucci was perhaps the most popular at fashion week, with their green and red racing stripes gracing the sides of many sneakers, often with a bee or snake on top. The good news is, even mall retail brands have been making their own, so you do not have to go far or pay too much to get your own pair! Floral and jeweled sneakers seem to be the streetwear favorite for those of us not in attendance at fashion week.

The slingback shoe is defined by covering the toes, yet holding the foot in with one strap, or “sling”, around the heels. The most popular ones have been simple neutral colors like white and black, however they have been paired with a variety of outfits that are anything but. Skinny jeans, flare pants, and dresses alike have all benefited from this pointy footwear. They add the class of a heel, while keeping it casual. Chanel has a boxy toe slingback for $800 that was frequently spotted at fashion week, but there are a ton of lower price options out there.

Besides the comfortable factor, slingbacks are also super versatile. Whether it be a flat, platform, or a kitten heel, this shoe looks chic at any height. They work for elegant occasions as well as going to the office. Pair a platform with some skinny trousers and a button down for an easy workday look. Pair a flat with a flare jean and a funky top for a bohemian weekend look. Pair a kitten heel with a shift dress and statement earing for a night out on the town. The possibilities for the slingback shoe are endless.

Slippers are the most popular and perhaps most surprising trend in shoes this season. Everyone had a pair of slippers as kids that were were soft, fuzzy and brightly colored– these are not that different. Gold, millennial pink, and wildly printed slippers have all be spotted on the scene. Although the most popular variation is a plain black style, bloggers and designers alike have been spotted in fluorescently embroidered or even furry slippers.

Again, Gucci again has pioneered new trends to bring luxury to the streets. They have been tagged as the original inspiration for this slipper, given away by their iconic horsebit across the toe. You can find copycats from Steve Madden to Target and everywhere in between. The slipper trend is an interesting partner to the pajama-style blouses that graced street style last spring.

Not only were white sneakers trending at fashion week, but sneakers of all shapes and sizes could be found on the streets. People were wearing their athletic Nike trainers with their upscale designer looks. They were wearing printed and bright pairs with their neutral wardrobes. It’s hard to point to a particular designer to credit for this trend, but each brand certainly has their own, many, versions of the sneaker. Despite what some older people may say about wearing sneakers with a dress, the young people of fashion are definitely doing it and you should too.

The street style shoes of this season showed a great amount of versatility, both in shape and in style. Adding these three pairs of shoes to your wardrobe will make you prepared for any occasion and more than that, you will be comfortable as you attend them. Each of these shoes hailed from a luxury designer; always keep your eyes on the runway before fashion finds its way to the streets. As the trends trickle down we look to the future at fashion week and wonder: what shoes will be next?

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