Love handles is an informal term used to describe the deposition of excess fat along the waist line of the body. Love handles occur when the extra fat around your stomach bulges out at the sides, and these can be accentuated by the wrong clothing choices. Sometimes, wearing the wrong clothes can even be so unflattering that it makes you look like you have love handles when you don’t! Love handles can be very difficult to get rid of through exercise, but luckily, they can be hidden through a combination of wearing the right clothes, avoiding the wrong clothes, and drawing attention away from your problem areas. Here are some simple out fits that you should try out in order to overcome them and always feel confident in every outfit that you wear.

Boho dress

Are you tired of wearing trousers? Expand your wardrobe for female pieces. Let start with this original, colorful dress! You fall in love with their simple cut and extraordinary pattern.


A shift dress is a short, sleeveless dress that hangs from the shoulders. It is suitable for all body types and sizes, especially if comfort is key for you. They don’t reveal too much, and you can still look classy and chic. They come with different colors color and can be worn on like every event either casual or a non-casual event.


Avoid tight tank tops like a plague, and instead go for loose-fitting blouses, which will hide any unwanted parts in the waist area. Tops that are tight and clingy without being shaping will only serve to show off your love handles, especially when paired with overly tight and unflattering bottoms. The importance of the blouse to be flowy is to ensure that it is eye catching and ensuring that no one is concentrating on your love handles. Another way to hide love handles is to bury them under a bold print or graphic top, or to cover them up with a ruffled design that will obscure what’s underneath. Therefore keeping you always on fashion and trendy.


A high waisted skirt will conceal your love handles and also give you an elegant look. You can also accessorize it with a belt to further accentuate your waist. For color matching ensure that you put on a black or any other dark colored bottom to hide your love handles and a light color where you are smaller, that is the top part. This is one of the tricks that is stylish because it reduces overconcentration on the waist and increases concentration on the top part. Hence always keeping it rocking.


Foundation garments, also called shaping garments, are arguably the most successful way to hide love handles, because they’re actually designed to shape and smooth parts of your body. These garments are meant to be worn under your clothes, and ones that will hide love handles include. Full bodysuits and body control dresses, which are great for when you’re wearing a slimming dress. Waist cinchers and control briefs, which are perfect for when you want to wear skinny jeans or tighter fitting pants or skirts. This garments are worn especially when putting on tight outfit that will display the shape of your body. Also the advantage of these garments is that they are able to reduce the size of your tummy and also the love handle. Apart from the underground garments a shape wear dress can also work best. Shape wear will help keep your tummy in place and accentuate your body figure, especially when wearing a fitting dress. Make sure to get the right size though, you don’t want to squeeze your intestines while at it.


The other way to hide love handles and any feature on your body that you do not like is to draw attention away from it by drawing eyes elsewhere. One of the ways to do this is by using eye-catching accessories such as putting on a stunning necklace, grazing earrings or any other accessory that is unique in a fashionable and a unique way. For instance, a bold and unique necklace will draw eyes to your neck and chest, and keep the attention off your middle part of the body. Having also flashy earrings can also bring more attention on the upper part of the body. Other accessory are stunning scarfs but also ensure that the scarf is not that too long to reach the middle part where it can make people to shift their attention. Also when putting on a scarf ensure that during summer or any other hot season you choose a light scarf to avoid high body temperatures.


Another way is to bring attention to your chest and neck instead of your love handles is with V-neck, scooped, and plunging necklines. This is a great option for people who can’t wear jewelry or scarves at work. This way you increase attention on your top most part there looking ever stunning and rocking in style.

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