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Sweat pants are one of the clothings considered to be on worn only during athletic, jogging or any other excise but that not the case. Sweat pant can also be worn also when hanging out with friend or any other casual event and as a fashionist you should consider having one that will make you rock in style in the streets because fashion is all about trying out the normal clothings in a unique way. Fashion sweat pants are very advantageous since they are made of cotton which is a soft material therefore they makes one to feel more and more comfortable and flexible. There also exist other type of sweat pants such as the wide pants and the tear away pants which are made of nylon and specifically used by athletes. For our case we will consider the fashion sweat pants which are very stylish when worn in different style. We will talk about different styles in which you can look stunning with a sweat pant.

Sweat pants set

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In this outfit you match the sweat pant with a hooded sweater. You can apply this when there is cold weather and I assure you that not only the outfit will keep you warm but also you will look stunning and trendy. This matching can be worn with sport shoes or any other type of sneaker. Colored hooded sweater are most preferred because they blend very nicely with the outfit also one can decide to match color of both the sweat pant and the hooded sweater to bring out a different style which is also stunning and very stylish. The most preferred hooded sweater is the one that is zipless since it makes one feel loose and very comfortable though even the zipped sweater also bring out a better outfit but always remember that for you to wear a zipped sweater it must be of the correct size and it is not stretching down when the zip it is unzipped. The top that is desirable for this case is a t-shirt or any top wear without colors to ensure that it match well with the outfit. The t-shirt should be well fitting and should not be baggy to ensure that it does not display unwanted part of it outside the hooded sweater. This outfit can be worn also when attending sporting events such as the basketball events.


For the lover of the gym you can try this outfit while going to the gym. This outfit is simple and also very stylish. It consist of a t-shirt and a sweatpants matching. This outfit can be worn with rubber shoes or sneakers in order to create a work out mode within yourself. The advantage of this matching is that it is light and due to this it makes one feel more comfortable and stables when carrying out exercises. To add on these one can decide to wear a wrist watch or a smart watch to look more and more stylish and fashionable. This outfit not only in the gym it can also be worn during hangouts or any other casual event. Normally during summer days when one needs to feel some breezes. Sunglasses can also work well as an accessory. For this case a graphic t-shirt is highly recommended for the outfit to be eye catching and also stunning. Always ensure that the graphics in the t-shirt rhyme with the surrounding. You can also look for graphics that are universal i.e. the can fit in any of the surroundings such as the Nike designed t- shirts. A point to note is that for the gym events at least the t-shirt worn should be of good size and muscular. Other accessories such as listening music via headphones can make the outfit to look more stylish and stunning.


This outfit also works best especially when worn with a shirt to ensure that the collars are out. Ensure that the shirt collar are smart and blend well with the sweater to bring out a stunning and eye-catching picture. More on this you can decide to wear black sun glasses to bring out a great and a very confident look. This matching is well fit during summer. For the sweater, any color is acceptable provided that it is blending well with the sweat pant. When it come to the shoes sneakers works best to show that you are casual and also they ensure that you are comfortable and very much table. Official sweatpants for this case are not acceptable at all at all because they can bring out a bad picture which is not really fashionable.


This is another type of sweat pant that are very stylish and trendy they have additional two other military pocket. This sweat pants can be worn with a t-shirt or a jumper. They have loose quads and increasing tapering as you move to the ankle. This type of sweatpants can be worn with rubbers or sneakers like any other sweat pant.

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