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Sneaker are the most convenient shoes one can wear especially when going out or even when hanging out with friends. The good thing with sneaker is that they are light weight and also when worn one feels more stable since they are able to fit well in the feet and they are also flat hence making you to be more confidence and fashionable. Sneakers especially those made from mesh fabrics are able to offer a free circulation of air therefore preventing one’s feet from infection by fungi and bacteria due to lack of breathing of the feet. The can also start smelling bad when they stay long soaked in wetness hence sneaker especially the mesh ones are the very best shoes to be worn to avoid such problems and at the same you’re rocking in the city.

Sneaker are unisex and come with different types and can be worn with different outfits depending on the taste you find is the best. As we shall discuss. Sneakers are also not that expensive hence affordable to each and every person whose passion is to be trendy.

The first type of sneakers is the slip-ons these sneaker are lace-less and very simple. These sneakers can be worn on both casual and non-casual basis and can be worn in any season either its winter or summer. They come with different colors and one may the color of your choice. This sneaker are of two types those designed for the gents and those for the ladies. For the gents darks slip-ons are the best and bring out the best when worn with a pair of jeans trouser. Though even other outfits may bring out the best provided it blends well. For the ladies bright colored slip-ons bring out the best outfit. Accessories such as glasses and a wrist watch is recommended to ensure that you are rocking in the city.


What is the most essential summer accessory? Yes, you guess right, it’s sunglasses. But beware, it’s not just a fashion accessory. Do not forget about your health and protecting your eyes from against strong sunshine.

The other type of sneakers is the plimsolls sneakers they are similar to slip-ons except that they have laces. These sneaker are very simple and are very comfortable when worn therefore creating more stability. They come with different colors and every color is recommended provided that it blend well with the outfit worn. These sneakers can be worn like for every occasion as seen in the slip-ons.

The high ankle canvas converse is another type of sneakers that are trendy and fashionable. They come with different colors and as the name suggest, they cover even the upper part of the ankle. These shoes are best for comfort and stability. And they are durable. They are best suited for non-official events such as hanging out with friend, a partying or any other event which does not require you to be formal.

The other type of sneakers is the nike sneakers they are very popular and unique and are very trendy hence keeping you in the right path towards fashion. This sneakers comes with different color but majority prefer sneakers that are white though there are very many sneakers designs The white is most preferred since it is easily noticeable and it is an eye catching color hence making the sneaker to be loved by many. Apart from wearing the sneakers during hangout, the sneakers are also used in athletics and any other sporting activities. The sneakers have laces to ensure that they fit well and tight on the feet and also the fabrics used to make these sneaker are meshed to ensure that the feet are breathing hence protecting the feet from swelling or any other infection caused by feet wetness.

Other types of sneakers that are trendy and fashionable are the denim and the knitted sneakers they are very simple but stylish. Both type of sneakers can blend very nicely with jeans but also can blend well with other outfits provided that they are matching well with the sneakers.

A point to note is that always ensure you familiarize yourself with the original sneakers to ensure you are not sold sneaker that are not genuine there many sneakers that are counterfeit and if not careful you may end up with a sneaker which is not original hence will not complete the task that it was expected. One way to ensure that you do not buy a sneaker which is counterfeit is buying sneakers from a trusted shop. Always note that original sneaker are sold at a much higher price compared to the counterfeit ones hence it an advice to you that don’t go for a sneaker because it is cheap but buy a sneaker because its of quality. Quality matters a lot.

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