Most people are puzzled when it comes to what to dress when going to the beach. Specifically ladies are more puzzled than gents but all in all the solution is here and after reading this you will always be more confident and more fashionable when on the beach. There are many style that one can adopt when taking a tour to the beach. Please note that when going to the beach forget about closed shoe because they can act as embarrassment especially when the beach sand penetrates in the shoes. Beach wear is all about comfort and being sexy. The most crucial accessories that are greatly demanded on the beach are the sunglasses they protect you from absorbing excess sun rays. You can also choose to pun on a hat. A light scarf is also recommended especially when there is a breeze.

Bathing suits

What is the most important piece of clothing when are you packing for a holiday? Of course a fitting swimsuit! Without them, you can not be at the beach. Be unique! These fun with bananas will help you.

Maxi dress

First let consider putting on a maxi dress. The dress should be loose and breathable to ensure that you are flexible and always feeling the fresh cool air from the beach. This dresses makes one look trendy and more comfortable when walking around the beach.


The second attire that you can put on when in the beach is the sarong. Literally they made for the beach, so if you plan on spending a lot of time by the water during summer, you should definitely have one of these on hand. They’re super easy to adjust to your liking, and when you pair them with a crop top, you get instant summer vibes. They are very sexy and fashionable

One can also consider putting on lightweight robe which is a great cover-up for the beach if you want to wear something that shows off your outfit but also allows for some coverage when needed. Some slouchy trousers and easy slide-on sandals complete the look. Accessories such as sun glasses can also work and rhyme well with the attire.

High waisted shorts

The next thing to consider is the high waisted shorts which work best on the beach, the shorts can be worn with a bikini top or a crop top. The advantages of this attires is that they are light and one is able feel the cool oceanic breezes. High waist trouser are also recommended. The trouser should not be that tight and should be of bright colors to ensure that it blend well with the surroundings and also ensuring that you are not the odd one out. Denim shorts also workout best in the beach.

Without forgetting swim suits. If you are a swimmer remember to carry yourself a very nice swimsuit that will help you swim confidently without any stress or fear.

Mini skirt

A mini skirt can also work best when on the beach. The mini skirt can be worn with a tank top as a sexy beach cover up which is perfect for strolling the promenade on hot afternoons. This look can be worn with sandals and a straw hat to make sure that you are always stunning in the breezes.


Tankinis also known as two piece swim suit can also work best when it comes to beach attires. They are modesty and very sexy since they bring out the shape of your body in a best way. They come with different color and one can chose a color that is eye catching and that which is more appealing.

Button down top

A button down top can also be fashionable, never underestimate a classic button-down, especially if you’re looking for something that’s easy to change in and out of. It exudes simple, easy elegance. Plus, this way you get to spice things up with accessories such as the straw bag. This button down top match well with a bottom bikini.

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