Libras are usually social butterflies, diplomatic and understanding. You want your outfit to be appropriate with the event you’re attending and you have a good ability to mix and match your pieces. You’re also good at shifting from style to style – if you need to be super elegant for a fancy dinner and then the next day jump into a sweatshirt and jeans for an exam, you will do it without a problem. As for advice, add a bit more edge and unexpected touches to your outfits. You might a bit afraid of crossing the lines and looking weird, but a unique detail is never a bad thing.


Mysterious, brave and dedicated. You take pride in your sense of fashion and know what looks good on you and what does not. You have a very well defined style and people usually notice that. Although sticking to your personal style is an amazing quality, sometimes you might worry that you can come off as boring, or even worse, predictable. When it comes to dressing up, that won’t help with maintaining your mysterious side. Explore with different styles and always add a personal touch or edge to them, so you will still feel like yourself.


Idealistic and in love with the idea of freedom, individuals born under this sign love to have their mind roam free when it comes to dressing up and not being constrained by any rules. You love to play around with patterns and colors. Try and play around with both feminine and masculine cuts, so your looks will be structured but elegant at the same time. You will be in need of items that will help your outfit look put together – even the funkiest of elements need to be tied in together!


Capricorns are quite disciplined and know how make themselves look presentable and sophisticated. Those individuals are drawn to simple pieces that will always make them look classy. Therefore, you might be too scared to try out something that looks funky and out of the ordinary. Colors and fun detail don’t mean that you have to give up your sophistication, so let your imagination take over every once in a while! You won’t regret wearing outfit that look more relaxed.


Original and independent, you don’t care what other say or think about your style. You wear exactly what you want. You have the creativity needed to mix and match bold colors and doing so with originality. Keep in mind that you will sometimes have to stick to dress codes – structured lines and formal clothes don’t equal boring, so feel free to try them out and add your own interpretation to them! Make sure you will dress appropriately for the events you’re attending.


Pisces are artistic, wise and very intuitive. When it comes to clothing, flowy pieces that give off a subtle vibe of femininity and sexiness are your signature style. Many would describe you as melancholic or dreamy, your looks having that effortlessly chic touch to it. Sometimes, a bit of structure or masculine elements can help create some contrast and make you seem a little bit more formal for when you need to, as not all scenarios ask for artsy or bohemian outfits. Put your creative side at work and make some breathtaking combinations!

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