Outfits designed for each of the zodiac sign have been a huge trend on Instagram in the last months. Whether or not you’re the kind of person that’s really passionate about the horoscope or astrology in general, it’s quite a fun idea to see what kind of items or looks represent your sign. And besides, you might find that some of the outfits actually fit your style and you could try those combinations on a daily basis; inspiration is always welcomed, and who knows, maybe the starts will be able to predict what your next party outfit will be!


Aries are enthusiastic and confident, you let your attitude shine through so the pieces you wear everyday are clean cut and lowkey. You don’t like flashy items that might draw unwanted attention, but you do like the timeless items that will make your outfits look put together. The best advice for you would be to stick with those classic silhouettes, but add some cool and colorful patterns into the mix – don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit with colors and prints.


A stable, very practical sign. In terms of fashion, your relaxation and stability can be translated into very casual, comfortable outfits. You might feel your best in a nice pair of jeans and some cool sneakers, maybe even an oversized hoodie. The basic and cool pieces are staples in your wardrobe! If this is the way you like it, don’t try to force yourself into something overly sexy or uncomfortable. Maybe instead of a bodycon dress, go for jumpers, culottes and flared jeans for an edgy and chic touch.


Gemini are quite versatile and they find it very easy to adapt, which is a must when it comes to being up to date with the latest trends. That being said, many individuals who belong to this sign find it difficult to decide or stick to just one type of style for everyday wear. Maybe one day want to be extremely formal and choose a pencil skirt and an impeccable button down shirt, and some days you just want to put on a baseball cap and a comfortable hoodie dress. Find what attracts you the most and wear it confidently and don’t put so much emphasis on the hottest trends.


Those born under the Cancer sign are usually highly emotional and intuitive people. However, due to being so in touch with your emotion, you might find yourself being a bit insecure when it comes to dressing up. Maybe you feel an attraction towards elegant, timeless pieces such as a beautiful little black dress paired with a bold rep lip. Find the confidence in yourself to wear the items you want – your creativity and intuition will help you a lot when putting together those classic and feminine outfits!

5. LEO

Bold, cheerful and passionate. You might want to express your attitude with the help of your outfits. You have the drive to try out new things and maybe even some crazier, out of the ordinary pieces that most people wouldn’t give a chance to, which is a great quality! However, be careful not go overboard with this. Sometimes, because of inner drive to stand out and draw attention, you might do a faux pas or come up with a look that would be considered a bit “too much”. Remember, balance is key.


Virgos love to be feminine and practical at the same time. Your pragmatic nature makes you gravitate towards those flattering, but quality pieces that will show just enough of skin and keep them wondering. This will help you create a wardrobe of statement pieces that you know you will be able to wear for a long time now. What you should be improving on is a adding that touch of fun and color to your attire – while it’s extremely important to look put together, it’s also important to look approachable and warm to others.

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