While some women wear glasses because they need to, other like to wear them simply as a fashion statement. Whether you’re wearing prescription glasses or not, having a pair (or two, or more) that is trendy and properly fits your frames is a must. Not only are they an accessory that can upgrade and outfit, they can also do a great job at framing your face if you choose them right. And as it is the case with every accessory, there are types of glasses that are clearly more popular now. Below we have some examples:


Those type of glasses are great for any vintage-inspired looks loving girl. They denote femininity and will give your outfit that old-school Hollywood vibe. This season, your best bet would be going with red or black frames – the red ones are more daring, for days when you want to draw attention to you, and the black ones are versatile and more elegant.
Those are the kind of spectacles that best suit round and square face shapes, as they can help a lot with softening the features with their curvy frames.


One of the hottest trends at the moment are eyeglasses with very thin, gold (or rose gold) frames. Be them in the classic aviator shape or round and oversized, you see them everywhere. They are quite chic and the detailing gives them a classier vibe, so in case you feel bored of the regular, black frames you have all the freedom to try those out. You might want to take extra care of them though, especially if you’re not looking to invest in a high end pair, as they are quite fragile. Make sure to wear them with a natural looking, dewy make-up that will soften your features and make you look effortlessly cool.


Matte black, round frames have also made quite the appearance lately. If you want a pair of glasses that is both practical for everyday wear but fashionable at the same time, such pairs make a great choice. They go best with casual or office outfits, the simpler the better. You will have a put together look that will give off a fascinating, androgynous look with the more masculine frames and the relaxed outfit.


They’ve been around for a while and most likely they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Their minimalist and vintage approach is attracting everyone, as they are versatile accessory that you can just pop on and instantly make your look even cooler. Denim jackets, turtlenecks and mom jeans go together perfectly with them.


Although not many people are willing to take such risks when it comes to eyewear, designers have been showing us more and more examples of bold frames to try out. From blushed colors, marble patterned and animal print to oversized frames, you have loads to experiment with this season. However, people who have the most freedom with doing this are the ones with diamond and oval-shapes faces, as they look good with mostly every type of glasses.

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