Earrings are very effective accessories when it comes to adding that extra ‘’touch” to your outfit and making it more feminine, stylish or cool depending on the vibe you strive for. There are types that fit every face and hairstyle, so don’t panic if you think a pair doesn’t complement your look – there are alternatives. In this article we’ll talk about drop, hoop, simple earring and how to wear them in order to add character to you outfits.


There’s a boom in fashion right now regarding hoop earrings – just open your Instagram feed and you’ll guaranteed to find a multitude of pictures of women styling those type of earrings, especially the very big and thin ones in silver/gold. Nothing new under the sun, as they have been known to be worn in 2600 BC. Runway looks in 2017 have showed us a multitude of ways to style those types of jewelry – the context being of streetstyle, of course. Keep things casual and relaxed when wearing hoops, and tie your hair back to make them stand out even more.


When looking for an accessory to frame your face and add elegance to the outfit you prepared for a party or a night out, add some delicate drop earrings – with gold or silver details. They don’t have to be very big to be of effect, just make sure they complement the other items you decide on wearing. Tied back hair or loose curs look just as good as long as the earrings can peek through.


Now those are the types of drop earrings that will fit in with more casual/streetstyle combinations. You wish to add a pop of color to you brunch outfit? The bright colored earrings are the answer (tip: avoid pom-pom ones, they’re a bit harder to style and don’t necessary attract attention in the positive kind of way). Tassel earrings can look both classy and cool, and you can wear them with a more casual dress or jeans. If they have lots of details, it’s best to tie your hair in a bun to let them in the spotlight. Add sunglasses for an extra chic detail and you are good to go.


If you are set to make an impression with your accessories, statement earrings are the way to. Say you have to attend an event that requires a creative outfit, then search for a pair of earrings that will make a statement. They could have big, colorful gems attached, or geometric shapes (those are for a mode vintage vibe, but feel free to play around with styles and match them with trendy clothing items to create a contrast), or wire ones that come in unique and crazy shapes that are a sure way to draw attention. It’s usually not recommended to try those out at work, as they don’t fit well with subtle, office clothing.


Maybe you don’t want your earrings to draw so much attention, so you prefer very subtle and delicate ones, such as pearl or gem earrings. They are perfect for a feminine, day to day look and can be worn to school or the office without harming any dress code rules. Search for silver, gold or the ones that have subtle colored gems in them (Burgundy, navy blue, white). Feel free to style your hair however you wish, as they will be noticed even in the moments when you tuck your hair behind you ear.

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