Khaki pant is a trendy fashion for men since it can be worn on both official and non-official the pants can occasions. For official occasions the pants can be worn with official’s shoes or either a long or short sleeve official shirt. The combination must not be necessarily matching in order produce the best outfit

But ensure that the color are of the same complexion i.e. the colors chosen are not all that shouting. Men Khakis need not be high-wasted, pleated, or baggy. Instead, opt for a more modern style: flat front, with a straight leg, or a little taper from thigh to ankle, and an all-around more fitted and tailored look. The pants should have a mid-rise fit that sits around your hips rather than up over your belly button. And while khakis are meant to be a little roomier than other pants, you don’t want them to be baggy. They should offer a look that’s both relaxed and athletic. One can decide to match shoes and the belt to make the shoes to make him look more fashionable. Khakis come in just about every color these days, but the most traditional is drab brown. I’d recommend getting a darker brown, rather than a school uniform golden wheat, as it’s sharper and more versatile (it’ll look appropriate in both winter and summer). Navy also looks very classic, and pairs well with a sport coat or button-down shirt. Beyond those two, you’re entering more fashion-forward territory; you need to know what you’re doing to pull off fire engine red chinos. When going for a more formal look, choose a pair made with a fine, lightweight twill and trouser-like tailoring a leg that tapers to the ankle, and possibly features details like a tab closure and cuffs.

The khaki pants can also be worn with a fitting blazer and accessory such as the pocket square or a tie. Bow tie are not advised except when going to a party u can put on one. A wrist watch is also accepted to become trendier and attractive. The blazer specifically its not a must it be matching with the pant. To look trendier you must consider wearing a blazer that is off different color such as black, blue and maroon and ensure that the color you choose is not shouting and it blends very well with the color of the khaki worn. A khaki suit is quite versatile: it’ll keep you cool at summer weddings, but, unlike other suits, you can mix and match the top and bottom, and wear them as separate pieces, creating a host of other outfits. The blazer can also be worn with a t shirt to look trendier and more attractive. Bomber jackets can also go well with the khaki pant. The advantage of wearing this jacket with the khaki is that it can be used for both formal and casual occasion. Sport shoes and official shoes works best with this combination

For a handsome look that’s between semi-formal and very casual, try wearing a button-down shirt, sleeves rolled up, with your khakis. You can’t go wrong with a crisp white dress shirt, but other colors and patterns look sharp as well. On the more casual end, choose a chambray shirt.

On non-official occasion one can decide to roll up his khaki at least ½ inch and wear it with sockless trendy shoes this is one of the trendy fashion and suitable during summer. One can decide to wear it with a t shirt or an untucked shirt to show that it’s not all that formal. The khaki worn must be long enough to be rolled up. And note that one should not make too many folds to since it may look unfashionable. You must ensure that the shoe worn must be trendy and non-official to bring out the best outfit. Fitting pullover is also recommended. The khaki pants can go with a tie or not depending on your desire the tie must blend very nicely with the shirt worn. In many cases striped ties go well with checked shirt therefore more trendy and fashionable. There is almost every color of khaki pants depending to the color of your taste. The most preferred

Colors are; black, brown, navy blue and dark brown though even there other color are acceptable depending on the color you prefer.

For a more casual look, choose khakis that are made with a thicker, more rugged fabric and have more a relaxed, utilitarian, militaristic style. Casual khakis pair well with sweaters, striped and solid t-shirts, polos, henleys, and denim or chambray button-downs. For footwear, throw on some leather boots, chukkas, canvas sneakers, or boat shoes depending on how formal you want to dress.

Khaki work best for both winter and summer and there are the best. During winter pairing your khakis with a sweater and desert boots makes for a sharp casual look. During summer A polo shirt and khakis is an easy get-up when the temperature starts rising Another advantage is that they can be worn in both formal and non-formal occasions hence make you trendier in both occasion. Khakis are not all that expensive and therefore one can be trendy and on fashion by using just a small amount of dollars. Khaki are also long lasting i.e. they are not prone to tear or fading specifically the original khaki. Khaki is also a good way of bring back the old way of fashion into a new trendy fashion since the khaki were still there even in the second world war. Apart from being trendy, khakis makes one comfortable and more presentable to people hence builds your confidence

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