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Leggings and jeggings are the most stylish clothing that every woman who loves fashion should try them. Leggings are very fashionable and very simple. The garments are skin tights therefore make one to be comfortable and more flexible. They comes with different colors and every color have a different taste. Leggings are made from softer materials fabrics as compared to jeggings. Leggings are just thicker tights and are also almost always in black color. They are designed to be worn in the way that skin tight pants are supposed to be worn. Other than fashion legging can be used for workouts such as in aerobics, yoga or any other exercise since they are simple and are flexible. Jeggings became famous when skinny jeans were in demand at the beginning of the 21st century and people wanted even tighter pants. Jeggings were made up of a denim or spandex blend and would be worn under a skirt or sometimes a dress. The can also be worn with a t-shirt specifically if you want to look stylish when hanging out with friends.


Are you tired of your trousers and jeans? Discover the charm of leggings simplicity. And do not worry! It may not be just black and monochromatic. But even striped to give you the impression of beautiful long legs.

Moving on, jeggings are sometimes made in such a way that they have front fastening facilities. Leggings are usually made of softer material when compared to jeggings, which are skin tight stretchy denim. Jeggings not only look like jeans but also have button(s), a zip and may sometimes have real pockets. The waist is made to be elasticated. Leggings come in different colors as well as fabrics but as we said earlier most leggings are black in color but due to upcoming fashion styles other different colors also exist in the market. The fabrics that makes these leggings can be of polyester, Lycra, nylon and cotton. In winters, some people normally prefer Acrylic leggings whereas others prefer woolen ones. There are also those who would rather have leather leggings. Jeggings also come in various colors but since they are simply leggings that look like skin tight jeans, they usually come in jeans colors and designs such as faded, blue, black and torn. They are very comfortable as well as trendy and due to their tight fitting, make you look very good with an extra emphasis on your curves. Not only do you look stylish but also sexy.

These garments brings out the best outfit when worn with a crop top and sneakers even though other outfits such as putting on a t-shirt or any other longer top is also accepted provided that they blend well with the jeggings. Always ensure that any jeggings or leggings you put on is of the desired size and its tight to ensure that it brings out the best since wearing oversize leggings may bring out a bad fit since its made of a soft material hence suitable when it is tight.

Another thing is to be careful of rough scratches when you are on a leggings this is because leggings are prone to tear since they are made of light and soft fabrics there for its advisable to wear at least a top dress to ensure that the legging is protected from rough surfaces and also wearing a dress on top makes you to be confident of the fashion you are in because it makes you feel secure in your attire. Ensure that the top dress is not all that long atleast it should reach the knee and it should also be of good size and fitting.

The jeggings should be worn with a nice pair of shoes either sneakers or sport shoes provided that the shoe worn is eye-catching also high boots may blend nicely with the skinny jeans. During winter one may put on a trench coat, jacket or any other top cardigans and I bet you me that you will always rock even during winter and you and fashion you will be on the same page. The advantage of jegging is that it is durable and one does not have to wear it with a dress.

For the case of accessories ensure that the accessories rhyme well with the seasons and time for instance wear sunglasses are best suit during the day and not on a night. For the jeggings and leggings they are mearnt to make one simple and flexible therefore too many accessories are not recommended to ensure that simplicity and style are maintained.

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