So you’ve done it, you’ve now got a gym membership and it’s finally time to get down to business. And just before you start getting ready to go, a too familiar thought strikes you: “What should I wear?”. Now this thought might be giving you mild anxiety and a little bit of insecurity, since we see Instagram models in all kinds of fancy sportswear and we start thinking that this is how everyone there looks like. And it’s supposed we should look/dress like that as well, so you start to frantically search through your wardrobe for an outfit worthy to wear to the gym.

First of all, it’s a good idea to calm down. Remember that the most important reason you’re going there is to better yourself, and the clothes you wear to the gym should before all be comfortable and allow you to move freely. That being said, it’s a lot easier to come up with some cute sporty outfits than you thought, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on them as Instagram might make you think. This is why we prepared some tips on what items you should invest in and wear (and also what you should avoid wearing, for your own good).


For most women, it’s pretty important to invest in a quality sports bra that can give you enough support and keep you away from pain. However, you can always search for one with a cute design such as a strappy or lace up one. Keep it simple with colors such as black, grey, red or pink. That being said, you need to keep the rest of your outfit as minimalistic as possible. Depending on the gym, their dress code might not allow for showing so much skin, so it might be a good idea to throw a plain, baggier tank top or t-shirt.


The great part about leggings is that there so many designs out there that you feel like you can never have enough pairs! You can either opt for simple, black leggings and pair them with a fun graphic tee, or you can make the leggings the highlight of your outfit by choosing pair with an interesting pattern or bright neon colors. The trendiest at the moment are leggings that have little sheer cutouts, they look fashionable and are breathable at the same time. Your best bet would be styling them with a simple black sports bra. Some other popular patterns at the moment are different takes on camo and even marble prints, so go ahead and experiment all you like.
If you feel like leggings are not the most comfortable option for you, search for a well-fitting pair of sweatpants. It’s important to make sure they fit you well, otherwise your entire look might end up looking a bit droopy and tired. They’re also great for running sessions.


Big, oversized hoodies are more for your streetstyle outfits and to wear around during the day, but they are definitely not so appropriate to wear to the gym. Instead, search for a zip up hoodie that is fitted and complements your body. This is especially useful if you also plan to start running or exercising outside and the weather starts being chilly. It will keep you warm and look good at the same time. A tip to make this kind of outfit to stand out is to choose a bright, neon colored hoodie or one with fun patterns and pair them with simple black leggings and some black sneakers to tie everything in together.


If you were planning of using a very old and tired pair of kicks that you had in the back of your clothes, it might be a good idea to reconsider. Searching for a new pair of sneakers, especially now since there is a huge variety to choose from, can be equally as fun and motivating at the same time. Most are designed in such a way to complement most sportswear articles, so you can wear them with a wide variety of outfits. If you can’t decide, get a monochrome pair and one with fun patterns to mix and match to your liking.

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