It’s really no secret now that women love to wear their boyfriend’s clothes. In fact, if we could do it all the time it would be a dream come true. And even though you might you can use them just to lounge around the house on chilly days, there are in fact many more ways you can style his clothes for a day to day or even a party outfit! While this might be not so exciting news for your man, it definitely is for your wardrobe as you will have something to try out on days when you’re not sure about what should wear. We have prepared some tips and tricks on how you could style those items, depending on occasion:


Now depending on the weather outside, you can make use of both of those items. What’s really awesome about men’s clothes is that very often the graphics on the shirts and sweaters look amazingly cool and unique, which you very rarely find in the women’s section. Pair those oversized tops with your favorite skinny jeans, be they simple or ripped, and you’ve got yourself a chic look. To make the look a bit dressier, add a white button down shirt underneath the sweater and instead of sneakers, opt for ankle booties or even knee high boots. The contrasting effects will complement each other really well.

And while we’re at it, let’s talk a bit more about layering. In case you like one of his t-shirts so much, you can try and tuck it in your jeans, add a cool belt, and a comfy cardigan and plaid shirt over it. This is an ideal casual outfit that somehow manages to look comfortable and not sloppy at all at the same time.


Almost everyone loves flannels. They’re comfortable, easy to style, and bring out your inner hipster like no other. If so it happens that you don’t have one in your closet, think about borrow one from you boyfriend. They’re great to wear over tank tops, or just as to add some more detail by tying it around your waist. This coupled up with a pair of distressed jeans and a black leather jacket can be a great day to day look, or you could even dress it up a bit and wear it to a party.


Probably every girl’s favorite item to steal from her SO, the oversized hoodie is perfect to wear for both lounging around the house and styling it to go to class. One way to wear it and make the outfit more feminine is to add a leather skirt underneath and a pair of knee high boots. This way it will highlight your legs and maintain your feminine features. However, if you wish to go for an all baggy and comfy outfit, then feel free to wear your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans with it and a pair of cool sneakers.


A few year ago other people might’ve looked weird at you if you wore your boyfriend’s white button down shirt at work or to an event. However, things have drastically changed now and you see this item being sold in women’s section in plenty of stores, making it almost a staple piece.

The most popular way to wear it, and this being a look for a night out or a party, is having it styled with a body harness over it. Complemented by a pair of black skinny jeans and some heeled booties, it is a quite daring and interesting to sport for a night out.

If you want to wear the button down shirt to work or just for a casual day, you can either wear it untucked with distressed or embellished jeans to add a little detailing. If you feel like it’s still too simple, add some statement accessories such as earrings or a necklace. To make it a little bit more office appropriate, you always tuck it in a pencil skirt. That way it will look effortless but put together at the same time, the skirt still accentuating your waist and pulling the look together.


Good news for the boyfriends, sometimes you don’t even have to borrow a clothing item, as certain accessories will suffice. If your SO is the type that likes to wear cool beanies, take some advantage of that fact and try and style some this winter! It will go well with most casual outfits.

And sometimes, an accessory such as a masculine watch can make a huge difference in making an outfit stand out. So in case you look in the mirror and feel like your office outfit, or going to brunch outfit is a bit too bland, then add a twist with a men’s watch.

Finally, since now the weather is getting colder and colder, you can try and style some of his scarves. Sometimes, some types of scarves for men and women are designed so much alike, you really can’t tell there’s any difference between them.

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