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As the days are getting colder, although there are some dedicated fashionistas who dare to go bare legged outside if the outfit requires them to, be aware that there are ways to still be fashionable when wearing tights. Tights are a staple piece in every woman’s winter wardrobe, and we prepared some suggestion on combinations you can try to wear them in so your outfits will look extra cute and chic. And also, you’ll be much warmer.


What else can make your outfit shine brighter than glitter? If you feel like your regular black tights are too plain of a choice for your night out, opt for the glitter pair. Depending on the color, wear them under a dress/skirt or ripped jeans. Feel free to experiment as much as you want, as socks/tights paired with strappy sandals are all the rage at the moment, and it will definitely make your outfit even more attention-grabbing.


Now those are the kind of adorable tights that can be styled into everyday outfits. If you want to have a cuter vibe to your outfit, try wearing them with a plain button up shirt and pastel-colored skirt, or a simple, casual dress. If you have more freedom when it comes to the workplace/school dress code, then this is definitely an outfit you can sport during daytime.


Many women shy away from these of thighs because it takes much more effort to pull them off, and they worry it will be “too much”. But, especially during the colder season, they can be the exact pop of color your outfit needed. The classic LBD or a grey/plaid skirt suit will surely look much more fun and playful if you add a pair of yellow/fuchsia tights underneath. As long as you don’t go overboard with the color combinations, it’s bound to be an interesting look.


Those type of tights are, no doubt, one of the most popular ones. It all lies in their ability to beautifully contour the leg, instantly making your outfit look sexier. Perfect for a party or a night out, they work well with both heels and any type of boots, if you prefer being more comfortable. If you want some extra detailing, a pair with added studs or small lines/lace details might be an even better fit.


If opaque tights aren’t really your thing, then opt for a sheer pair and let it peek out through your favorite ripped jeans or distressed hem jeans for contrasted yet chic combination. To add even more creativity into it, try and match the color of your tights with one of the items you’re wearing, to complement it; such as a pair of sheer blue tights with a blue shirt or jacket.


Red is the “in” color of the season and it’s always a good idea to have a bold pair of red tights prepared for the holidays to come. Styled together with white and brown elements, it’s the ideal time to step out of your comfort zone and work new outfits around them.

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