This is the season people usually start searching for new pairs of shoes to add to their closet, and most men make no exception. Now the types of shoes might not change dramatically from season to season, it’s good to know about the latest trends so you know what options there are when you’re searching for a new pair. And while it would be ideal to just wear flip-flops everyday, sometimes the situation asks you to class it up. But have no fear as there are plenty of options, as presented below:


Having a pair of oxfords is mandatory. Those kinds of dress shoes can complement a variety of outfits and are of much help if you get asked last minute to an important event. While they look best with more elegant outfits such as suits, you can get away with wearing them just as easily with a buttoned down shirt/flannel and a pair of dark colored jeans.

Now if you already own a pair of basic oxfords, then it’s time to experiment a bit and look for a two-toned pair. Combinations such as black and beige or dark brown and beige are safer if you are looking for them to be easier to wear.


Sneakers have become a fashion statement just as much as they are a sports accessory. And having a pair of awesome sneakers to wear with your casual outfits, as a lot of times shoes can either make or break an outfit, is a great addition. If you’re feeling like you don’t want anything too flashy, then opt for basics such as Oldskool Vans, Adidas Allstars or Nike’s. They’re a good and comfortable alternative to dress shoes, if you feel like it’s too much of a hassle to wear them everyday.


Besides your usual Timberland’s, more and more designs have popped up of lace-up boots, giving you a whole variety to choose from. The hottest colors of the season are burgundy and military green, so do some experimenting with those colors to make your outfit even more fashionable. It would be recommended to invest in a quality pair that will last you a longer time, for those are the kind of boots that will come in useful both during fall and winter. Style them with flannels/jumpers and cuffed, distressed jeans and you’ve got yourself a great, effortless look.


Now while winter may not allow you to wear these kinds of shoes, you can still sport them those days while the weather is still being a little bit friendly. Those kinds of shoes are classy and it will take you seconds to put them on. Their downside is that there are a bit pretentions and harder to style. Opt for a pair in black, brown or navy blue, whichever you consider would best suit the rest of your wardrobe. And as for the fabric, leather and suede are the ones you should go with. In case you’re a bit unsure of how to wear them, stay away from pairs that have detailing to them and stick to simpler designs.

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