One of the most stylish and trendy fashion is to dress in a Shari (as Indians calls it). It a fashion from Indian community and really love by many. It consist of a drape that is typically wrapped around the waist with one end draped over the shoulder. They come with different colors which are very eye-catching and very cool is normally worn with special designed petticoat. Putting on a sari make one appreciate the Indian culture and it is a way of showing gratitude to the culture. Not only appreciating culture but also it is a way of walking on the streets in a rocky way and a way that you are confident. The advantage of this sari is that it can be draped over a hundred times hence creating new and new different style which you can look stunning with one sari. It is also easy to wear. Now let consider some various type of sari fashion and the way they should be worn. Before we talk about that take note that sari should not be oversize sari which are fitting work perfectly.

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Earrings are like shoes. There are never enough. Decorate your outfit with beautiful earrings. They will move your final impression a step further.


For this outfit, you will want to have your shirt or top on, your petticoat also called the in skirt on and tied snug, and your shoes on before you start wrapping. The top worn with a sari is typically known as blouse Indians calls it a choli. While not necessarily required, safety pins make all sari wrapping much easier and better looking. This outfit also require some accessories such as the necklaces and the rings. The outfit can work best when worn with medium high heels shoes or flat shoes.

Other way to put on a sari in a nivi style is to hold the sari so that the shorter distance goes from your waist to the floor and the long end can be wrapped around. Then, start at one end and tuck the corner of the fabric into your petticoat at your left hip, wrap it around behind you, over your right hip, past your navel, and around again until it reaches your navel once more. Continue to tuck it into your petticoat as you go round. Always ensure that sari is not too high. Ideally, your feet should not be visible from under the sari hem. You can use a safety pin to pin it into place at your waist right now, but the petticoat should be secure enough to hold it in place.

The third main way to look stunning in a sari is to switch to the other more decorated end of the sari also called the pallu. You’ll want to make the pleats that go over your shoulder. Do this by using your fingers span to space the pleats, and fold them across the short end of the sari. You can use a flat hair clip to keep the pleats in place until you’re done with your look. Remember that the method discussed here are the main method and as I said earlier there are many methods to put-on a sari therefore any other method is acceptable provided that its stunning and eye-catching.


This style was adopted by gujarati women from India they wear sari with the end of the sari in the front. The Gujarati women carry house keys with them tucked into the sari that wraps around their waist with the help of the silver hook. This is because traditionally their role was to look after the house and house-related tasks. The main way to dress in this style are similar to those of the nivi style but the difference is that the end of the sari is in the front. Henna and both hand and facial accessories are recommended for this case to bring out the best outfit.


With this style, you’ll mix Indian and Western styles by wearing leggings or jeggings instead of a petticoat, and a clubbing style or other fancy top instead of a choli (the indian blouses). The work best with the indo western saree jean which are specifically made to worn with sari attires. This is a way of blending the sari with other trending outfits that are eye-catching and very stylish.

One final thought is that when wearing a sari ensure that you have your shoes in order to fit in well with the shoes worn and to be of correct height. Also ensure that if you are not perfect in wrapping and folding the sari you can use safety pins. This outfit probably it is not meant to one to do activities that are too vigorous. They are meant for events or any ceremonial activities. With this insights it high time to rock in an Indian style.

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