College has already started and while you may have already seen tons of lookbooks ready to prepare you for this school year, but the truth is that some (maybe most) students can’t really afford all of the expensive items that internet personalities suggest us. But worry not, for I have prepared some tips on how to be both comfortable and stylish while going to classes, without having to spend your rent money on the clothes.


Now keep in mind that your jacket is going to be your outfit’s center of attention the next following months, so it would be a good idea to search for one that is versatile or has a unique touch to it. A bomber jacket with graphics on the back would be a good choice, or a long coat that can be styles with anything from hoodies to white shirts and colorful jumpers. My advice would be to get one in a neutral color, as that makes it easier to wear. Online shops such as ASOS carry a lot of those jackets at affordable prices, so it’s worth checking it out.


I have yet to meet someone who isn’t in love with oversized scarves. Besides helping you to keep warm outside and being able to throw them on over any item, you can also wear them indoors as a poncho, it will nevertheless look very cute. There is a wide variety of them to choose from, monochromatic, plaid or with patterns, you’re bound to find that will fit perfectly with your wardrobe.


I know a lot of girls are looking to be comfortable when going to class, which is why most of them might opt for wearing leggings when going to school. While this might work with a very long and oversized sweater over, I am here to tell you that your best bet is to bring some pairs of jeans that fit you well and complement your other items. Jeans can be worn with any top, so you will have the freedom to style them in many ways (and they will last you much longer than leggings who tend to get worn out pretty quickly). Opt for some ripped, high waisted or mom/cigarette cut jeans, as those trending right now.


Just as the situation with the jacket mentioned above, your shoes will also be a focal point in your outfit so you might want to search for a pair that have a more unique character to them. This can vary from embroidered or studded combat boots, or some ankle booties with square heels (don’t worry, those are quite comfortable to wear) or buckle belts on them. Even if you’re wearing very basic pieces that day, those kind of shoes will tie your outfit together and make it more stylish.


College life implies partying, we all know that. Or maybe you just want to go out looking a little fancier that day. A little black dress is perfect for both scenarios, as it is quite versatile and depending with what kind of shoes or jewelry you choose to pair it with. Maybe you have an afternoon class and afterwards you made plans to go out for a drink and don’t have time to change; then just switch your shoes with some heels, add a cute necklace or earrings and a blazer to keep you warm and you’re good to go.


You will need to keep warm, and a piece that is here to prepare you for the winter s the oversized sweater. It can fit on most body types and will give you a cute, cozy look. Style it down with some jeans for a casual day to day outfit, and if it’s long enough transform it into a sweater dress by adding a belt to define your waist and add your favorite boots (over the knee boots tend to look the best in those outfits). There, you have another outfit ready for a night out.

The key to not spend so much money is to invest in a few statement pieces that you know will draw attention to your outfit, and then pair them with versatile, mostly basic pieces that you can find without looking too much. You don’t need to buy new items every month, just mix and match what you already have and add the right accessories.

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