Christmas holidays are the best time to be around friends and family and have fun together. Whether you’re preparing to go to a couple of house parties with your friends, an office Christmas party with your colleagues or just a very chill gathering with your family, it’s good to have a couple outfits prepared for those occasions. And since it’s the holidays, you can be as creative as ever with your combinations! In case you’re looking for some tips and suggestions and what is appropriate to wear to those events, we prepared a few outfit ideas below so you can have some inspiration.


There are very few clothing items that are as classy yet versatile as a jumpsuit. Depending on the dress code of the party you’re planning to attend, choose one that would be appropriate. A basic black jumpsuit paired with some statement jewelry such as a beautiful choker or big earrings is a combination that could never fail you.

But if you’re planning to go full glam with your outfit, then your best bet would be bright red jumpsuit. Paired along with a faux fur scarf and a pair of sleek black stilettos will result in a look that will turn heads for sure.


It’s time to shine! Literally. Christmas parties are a great occasion to wear your favorite sparkly top, that you’ve been waiting for so long to style. You can combine this type of top with a pair of flared black pants and go for a retro and fun look, that has one huge advantage: it’s extremely comfortable! So you can look chic and dance all night without any worry.

Alternatively, you might want your look to be a bit more elegant and festive looking so you want to opt for a sequined dress. They’re the safest way to go for such parties, as you just need a pair of appropriate heels to go with it and a clutch. As the dress is already a statement in itself, you won’t need to search for jewelry to go with it.


Another adorable outfit option to wear to the family dinner. Bell sleeve jumpers are everywhere this season! They scream cute and cozy. It’s a great idea to pair this type of sweater with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans – because of the sleeves there will be a lot of volume on the upper part of your body, so you will need to create contrast by adding something more tight and structured on the bottom. Complete the outfit with a pair of ankle booties and you’re good to go.


This one is a look more appropriate for family gatherings or just a very chill house party with your closest friends. It’s quite a popular combination, and for good reason – it looks adorable and effortless! You just need a warm, comfortable sweater dress and a pair of over the knee boots, heeled or not. Feel free to play with the colors and accessories, as both of those are quite basic items and you will be able to add your favorite accessories into the mix.

You can add a pair of colorful opaque tights or a waistbag for a little extra detail and to tie the look together.


This look is probably the most appropriate for office parties, unless there is a specific dress code you need to follow for the party. A plain button up shirt combined with an A line or pencil skirt is a classic look, but if you want to add a little spice to it you can opt for an embellished skirt –whether it be gold detailing, faux pearls or studs or for a lace up pencil skirt.

As for colors, it will be lots of fun to work with the traditional holiday colors such as golden, white, bright red, burgundy or green. You’re bound to find lots of beautiful skirts in such colors.


If you want a sleek and eye catching outfit, velvet is the go to fabric for this. Whether you opt for a velvet top and pair it with your favorite skirt or a pair of skinny jeans, or going for a wrap velvet dress, you are bound to have one of the hottest outfits at the party.

Make sure you pair your dress with a pair of sparkly earrings or glittery clutch, for you will need an item that will add that festive vibe to your outfit. No matter what you’re choosing to wear, a bit of shine is needed for the holidays! Make sure your tops and dresses are appropriate for the type of party you’re attending, as a velvet and lace top will not be the best choice when having dinner with family.

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