Suit are very common in each and every community around the globe. Suit are stylish but you find that many people just know that a suit is a suit but that is not case different suits are designed for different events for instance a suit designed for dinners is not the same as that designed for going to a business meeting. Also you notice that even the colors of the suit determines its purpose for instance when going to a burial ceremony black suits fit that scenario. Also you find that different types of suits match with different types of shoes and accessories. We shall discus different types of suits and how and where they should be worn. We shall also discuss different accessories that are associated with different types of suits


Balls, weddings and celebrations. Every man sometimes needs a fitting suit to which the tie belongs. Equip yourself with a stock of neckties. You never know what color you need to match.


This are suits that are mearnt for official purposes they are simple and does not require a lot of accessories inorder to emphasize on the formality of the city. You can consider just putting on a tie and a wrist watch to act as accessories. These suits are normally made of high quality fabrics and they have dark color (the colors are not all that shouting) in order to maintain the conservatism. The suit can be worn with a waist coat to bring out a special taste of outfit. These becomes better because one can decide also to remove the coat especially when the temperature rises and remain with the waist coat and still he will remain more formal. The suit is normally worn with black shoes but also due to new trends of fashion one can wear the suit with any other color of shoes such brown provided that the shoe is not all that color shouting but also ensure that the shoe is of high quality and its matching very well with the suit.


These are just normal casual suits for casual purposes these suit do not require more attention. It is a man’s formal suit for ordinary day wear. As meant for day work so the fit is comfortable. It can be worn with or without a tie. Light to medium colors are preferred. Single breasted is preferred with two buttons. Three buttons give it a more formal look. Lately, linen suits are a big draw in this category. They can be worn with any official shoes. This type of suit should be worn with a good belt that is eye catching and stylish to be on the right track of trendiness


As we said earlier there is a suit for every event. Considering the wedding suit as the name suggests these suits are specifically worn for wedding purposes and can be of any color depending on the bride and the grooms color taste they desire. They vary in cuts and silhouettes. Fabrics are velveteen, jacquard and other sheen or a luxury fabric meant for luxury wear. The trend is currently of single to two buttons with slim fit. Accessories such as grazing sun glasses are highly recommended since the events is all about happiness and not that official.


It is also known as the banded collar suit. It comes in a whole bunch of fashion colors and exhibit a fashionable approach to dress suits that a basic business suit simply doesn’t have the tools to muster. Mandarin style or Chinese collar suits are very clean in their looks and can be worn with your basic dress shirt as well as a mock neck or banded collar shirt if wearing tie is just not on your agenda that particular day. It is generally worn with full button on. Cut very closely to the body and gives a very lean and sharp look. These are also very elegant for an evening out when hanging out with friends.


It is high time to rock like a movie star especially if you consider fashion as a style to always embrace. This tuxedo suits are very stylish and elegant. Accessories for this case one can decide to wear a tuxedo suit with a pocket flower and a bow tie. Mostly tuxedo suit are worn for less formal events such as parties.


They are basically worn during dinner dates. They are generally in dark color and are they are slim to show that they are less of an official events one can decide to wear the suit with a bow tie to bring out a stunning picture.

For the case of ties ensure that the size is always fitting to avoid creating a picture that is weird. Mix matching is also allowed when it comes to wearing the suit but always ensure that when mix matching that a bright top should go with a less bright bottom. Always ensure that the mix match is blending very nicely and a way that is fashionable

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