There’s no doubt that bags can be just as useful to men as they are to women. As it was stated even in the popular TV Show “Friends”, when one of the main characters, Joey, was pleasantly surprised by how great it was to have a “man purse”. Fashion and society in general are now much more permissive when it comes to men carrying bags, and that is great news. In case you’re not yet sure how to properly style one or what kind of bag would be best for you, below are some useful tips that are good to keep in mind:


Let’s start off with the most controversial one on the list. By controversial is that some people are still on the fence on why a guy should carry a tote bag, since they feel like it would take away from the “manliness” factor or that they just aren’t as useful as backpacks. However, if you’re a fan of more unique accessories, or that you have a more hipster-ish approach to your style, you can definitely pull off wearing this kind of bag. It’s useful even if you need to run some errands and have to quickly stuff your gadgets, snacks or notebooks somewhere.


Briefcases are a must for every man that is after a professional accessory. Whether you’re working an office job or still attending university, it’s a good idea to invest in a proper leather briefcase. Not only it will last you a long time, it looks timeless and stylish and it’s going to be of great help with storing your notebooks, agenda, laptops and everything else you carry. It’s a bit trickier to style as it requires more formal outfits, but if you’re the type of guy who likes to wear buttoned shirts and blazers even to classes you can make it work.


A more casual and comfortable to carry version of the briefcase, satchels are your everyday bags that have a shoulder strap attached to them. They can be worn with a wider variety of outfits, meaning you can style them much more easily. However, make sure you wear them hung on one shoulder and not across your body, as that can make you look like a school boy.


As it is to be expected, backpacks are an essential to this list and they are a must for every man out there. No matter your personal style, your wardrobe has to have at least one backpack ready for days when you need to carry around a lot of things. Or for some guys, those are the only kinds of bags they carry as they are the easiest to style.

First of all, invest in a simple black backpack that you can wear everyday and has enough storage space. Best choice for students. Always wear both of the straps and make sure they are a bit looser, giving off a relaxed vibe to your look. Secondly, if you’re looking to upgrade to something more unique and stylish, opt for strappy leather bags that come in all kinds of color combinations or backpacks with different patterns. Find a style that fits your day to day outfits best.

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