When it comes to jewelry, or just accessories in general, men tend to doubt themselves a lot. Afraid of either ending up looking ridiculous or not being able to “pull them off”, they’d rather avoid them altogether. Guys, don’t do that. Fashion is all about trying out new styles and experimenting, and you have all the freedom to do that. However, it’s good to know the basics of how to wear those accessories, so we prepared below some suggestions; knowledge can boost your confidence big time!


Earrings are the one accessory that men wear nowadays almost as much as women. The best choices are either studs or small hoops, even though you might think there’s not much to choose from, think again! They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, just make sure to buy the ones that fit your outfits the best. As for when to wear them, you can make the earrings the statement pieces of your day-to-day outfits. They go great with casual and streetstyle looks, but make sure to leave them at home when wearing a suit and going to formal events. It’s also a good idea to avoid them with sportswear.


Sunglasses are a staple accessory that both men and women need to use. Not only are they protecting your eyes from harmful rays, they can totally transform an outfit and instantly make it more stylish. However, make sure you take your time when searching for the right pair. Depending on your face shape, find a pair that will frame it correctly. For round faces, bold square frames do the work. For more structured, square faces, try out a pair of round shades. Experiment with aviators as well, but never give in a buy a them if they look too big on you. And most importantly, wear them during the daytime only. No, never indoors or during nighttime, or even worse, in clubs.


No matter your personal style, a watch that will fit your outfits and give them that extra detailing is a must. If you’re looking for just one to begin with, then opt for a very neutral one that has a metal band rather than a leather one as they are easier to style. Afterwards open up your possibilities and search for more elegant, brown/black leather band watches that will complement your suits and formal wear.
In case you are not the type of guy who’s into formal wear and prefer comfortable, casual clothing, then your best bet is a digital, sleek watch in black.


Bracelets are probably the kind of accessory that most men tend to shy away from. It might seem like they take a little bit of extra effort to style properly, but the effect is worth it. Again, it all depends on the kind of outfit you’re sporting. For the elegant ones with suits and ties, metallic/ gold detailed bracelets would be a very good fit. Deepending on those details and the colors, you can pair them with your favorite watch (but don’t go overboard and add too many of them). On the other hand, if you’re the type of guy who wear casual shirts and jeans on the regular then search for some awesome rope and leather type of bracelets.

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